Our Story

Teaching the Portuguese Language and Promoting Portuguese Culture


Saudade – School of Portuguese as a Foreign Language was born from the need to construct a new diverse model adapted to a new concept of teaching that is capable of responding to the necessity of reaffirming the identity and the relevance of Portuguese language teaching and learning, not only in countries where Portuguese is spoken, but in the world.

In a world of constant and exponential global change, the necessity of creating a new framework of educational offerings has become obvious. This novel framework can provide an up-to-date solution to the recent development of a clientele that has never existed before, a solution that is permanently adaptable to the market, to the students’ expectations and to their new objectives.

“I have studied with both Dora and Estefânia, who are highly skilled and thoughtful teachers that really care about their students. They create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.”

Deborah, USA


Saudade’s mission is to teach the Portuguese language and promote Portuguese culture in all of its diverse and wide-ranging aspects. It is also a strategic mission of Saudade to develop and produce original teaching materials that support students’ Portuguese language learning, both in face-to-face teaching and in distance learning.

Saudade’s vision is to replace the traditional teaching / learning process by proposing a reconfiguration of learning, achieved with complete linguistic immersion and awareness of new sociocultural circumstances. This reconfiguration promotes the integration of knowledge of language and of culture, and subsequently permits an understanding of language as the true identity and self-recognition of a people, a country and a culture.

Meet Our Team

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Dora Guedes

Founder & Pedagogical Coordinator

Estefânia Lemos Alves

Founder & Teacher of Portuguese Language and Culture.

Marta Marques

Head of Knowledge Department, Teacher of Portuguese Language

Patrícia Espinha

Teacher of Portuguese language

Bárbara Carvalho

Teacher of Brazilian Portuguese language