My husband and I have been students at Saudade since its inception in 2019.  When we moved to Portugal four years ago, it became a priority for us to learn Portuguese. Saudade’s programs provide classes for students that are at different levels.

The intensive programs are very helpful in the beginning, especially when trying to grasp the language. After a couple of weeks of these intensive daily classes, it was very helpful to continue with progressive classes, first three times a week, and then continuing with lessons twice a week.  Every so often, the school offers online events and guided visits to different parts of the city, increasing vocabulary and understanding of the Portuguese culture.

But, without a doubt, the heart and soul of Saudade are the outstanding educators. Dora Guedes and Estefânia Alves direct the school with great professionalism; all the teachers have excellent credentials and experience and truly love teaching. I will continue my classes indefinitely to improve my writing as well as my pronunciation, thank you, Saudade!