A escola Saudade providencia aulas privadas e aulas de grupo, durante os períodos da manhã, tarde e pós-laboral. Cursos intensivos e progressivos, online ou presenciais. Escolhe o melhor curso para ti e junta-te a nós!



Experiencia a cultura portuguesa e a maneira de viver dos portugueses! Junta-te às nossas variadas atividades de grupo, que incluem prova de vinhos, aulas de culinária, visitas guiadas e celebrações de feriados portugueses.



Vamos para além da sala de aula para apoiar a integração dos nossos alunos na cultura e sociedade portuguesas. Este serviço promete garantir a qualidade da comunicação, desde traduções, interpretações e muito mais.



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Saudade, c’est pour moi une deuxième famille !
J’assiste au cours depuis plusieurs mois.
L’ambiance est studieuse et amicale.
Les cours sont toujours animés, les us et coutumes, ainsi que l’histoire de ce « grand » pays sont expliqués de façon vivante et instructive.

Saudade, c’est plus qu’un cours d’apprentissage du portugais.
Ce sont :     des rencontres humaines exceptionnelles au cours de visites ou de soirées sympathiques ;

des aides précieuses pour les démarches administratives ou autres ;
des traductions, si cela est nécessaire.

Saudade, ce sont des professionnels de l’apprentissage de la langue portugaise, mais aussi de l’empathie, de la gentillesse, de la disponibilité.
Saudade, Bref des Portugais bienveillants …comme ils le sont en général,

Obrigada à Patrícia, Dora et à toute l’équipe de Saudade Language School
Bernadette – Française de 82 ans




I did both group and one-to-one lessons, and was impressed by both the methods and materials used. I have studied Portuguese from beginner all the way to C1, using various methods and schools.

I can say with confidence that the teachers are very experienced and know what foreigners in Lisbon are looking for in terms of language and culture.




I come from Indonesia. Two months ago I started learning Portuguese. It was my first experience of learning a foreign language in a private school.

I started the course without any basic knowledge of Portuguese. Thanks be to God, because I got a lot of knowledge in this place. The presentation of the material is well organized and structured whether it’s grammar, pronunciation and conversation.

Thank you for helping me to be able to speak Portuguese. I recommend this place for anyone who wants to learn Portuguese. Thank you very much Dora, my teacher.




Certainly the best Portuguese school for foreigners in Lisbon ! It has all you need to learn and be quickly able to communicate in Portuguese in the daily life : the learning skills and passion of the teachers, the method, the good mix between grammar, culture and discussion, and the large offer of levels and lessons.

And in top of all of that the teachers will always make it their top priority to make you feel good in the group. I was a happy student during more than one year and I can say that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the Saudade Language School.

I would recommend it in a heartbeat.




My husband and I have been students at Saudade since its inception in 2019.  When we moved to Portugal four years ago, it became a priority for us to learn Portuguese. Saudade’s programs provide classes for students that are at different levels.

The intensive programs are very helpful in the beginning, especially when trying to grasp the language. After a couple of weeks of these intensive daily classes, it was very helpful to continue with progressive classes, first three times a week, and then continuing with lessons twice a week.  Every so often, the school offers online events and guided visits to different parts of the city, increasing vocabulary and understanding of the Portuguese culture.

But, without a doubt, the heart and soul of Saudade are the outstanding educators. Dora Guedes and Estefânia Alves direct the school with great professionalism; all the teachers have excellent credentials and experience and truly love teaching. I will continue my classes indefinitely to improve my writing as well as my pronunciation, thank you, Saudade!




Conveniently situated on Avenida Almirante Reis, Saudade is a great place to learn Portuguese whether you’re a total beginner or a more advanced student.

There’s a nice mix of people, teachers are highly qualified, and the teaching material used is interesting and informative, not only when it comes to improving your language skills, but also in getting to know the Portuguese culture and society better.

Would definitely recommend it!



New Zealand

I did private lessons several times a week for more than a year with Dora Guedes of Saudade, and I could not have wished for a more patient, kind, and perceptive teacher.

She was always spotting the areas that needed extra work, and taking the time to fix them. Her own Portuguese is particularly clear for the beginner, which helps a lot.

Dora is genuinely curious to get to know her students, which makes even the early, basic conversations seem real, and that’s a great motivator. In general, a learning experience depends a lot on the dynamic between teacher and student(s).

With Dora and Saudade, the teacher side of the equation is taken care of.




I started studying Portuguese at Saudade in the midst of the pandemic and it was the most exhilarating language learning experience I had-

juiced by the unflagging enthusiasm and patience of the teacher, learning language here is not just about developing familiarity with the local lingo but doing a deep dice into Portuguese culture which is proudly and lovingly embraced by the teachers therein-

One of the best introductions to Lusitania you would ever get.




It’s hard to find a school who will follow your process and will find the best fit for you.

Teachers are very experienced and doing their best for us to feel confident with the language. Besides the class you will have different opportunities to learn Portuguese like cultural, historic, artistic activities in Portuguese.

Highly recommend it !




It has been amazing studying Portuguese with Estêfania. I started as a complete beginner and I have studied with her for a couple of years.

I enjoyed it so much! Every lesson was a full immersion in the Portuguese language and culture. Always fun and motivating, with a keen eye for student’s need and a very welcoming atmosphere. Passion for teaching, professionalism and fun are guaranteed.

Strongly recommended!




Thank you, Saudade Language School!

I have studied with both Dora and Estefânia, who are highly skilled and thoughtful teachers that really care about their students. They create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom.

It’s a lot of fun to study with them because they are always rigorously well-prepared, but also flexible, and ready to go off on a tangent with us or laugh and joke around. Then, they turn the tangent or joke into a lesson, perhaps on culture, or vocabulary, history or grammar. It’s always interesting!

I will stay with Saudade until I am fluent in Portuguese!




It was my first experience with the Portuguese language and the first experience with an intensive course.

I expected a challenging learning curve, and it was so. However, the high professionalism and sincerely positive attitude of our professors, Miss Dora and Miss Estefânia, have turned this concentrated effort into a smooth and delighting experience with a brilliant outcome – nós falamos português 🙂

If somebody told me two weeks ago that I could offer lunch or ask about a flight in Portuguese, I’d not believe it. Because of our incredible teachers, it has become possible. Muito obrigada!! 🙂