Linguistic assessment

One of the most important characteristics that distinguishes Saudade is the care and attention we give our students. From the first contact, we want to know our students, understand their needs and goals in learning Portuguese, and work with them to achieve their objectives.Students can take our online placement test that assesses their skills in Portuguese and recommends the proper level for their continued study.Students can meet with a language tutor to receive advice and guidance. Our tutors suggest strategies to improve students’ skills and performance and advise on the most suitable program of studies to achieve their goals in the fastest and most efficient way.This is a free service, open to all our registered students at Saudade.


The Knowledge Department is responsible for creating and developing new dynamics in the traditional learning and teaching process within the school, which advances Saudade’s mission to teach and to promote Portuguese culture in all its diverse and wide-ranging aspects.
Appointed by the directors, our Head of Knowledge, Marta Marques, promotes a philosophy of sharing knowledge, and works to generate new partners and new sources of knowledge. This gives rise to new projects within Saudade, and creates a positive synergy within the community of the school.

Language Consultation Services

Over the years, we’ve gone beyond the classroom to support our students’ integration into Portuguese culture.

Recognizing the importance of this work, Saudade created the Language Consultation Service, in order to mediate, translate, optimize and make effective every aspect of communication that the client needs.

What can we do for you?

  • Translate and explain documents in Portuguese, such as official government documents, work contracts, lease contracts, services contracts, etc.
  • Act as interpreter in your meetings with Portuguese government agencies, landlords, workmen, or others;
  • Proofread your texts written in Portuguese for grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation;
  • Edit your texts written in Portuguese to conform with Portuguese language and cultural norms;
  • Translate to Portuguese your English, French or Spanish text of any length (for example, a letter, a document, your C.V., etc.)